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Rever3D NFT

Our exciting new line of tradable non fungible tokens!

How to buy



The RVR token is an ERC-20 protocol asset which is available on the Ethereum blockchain via DEXs Uniswap and Brewlabs. it is also available on Exchanges like Tokpie.

Step 1

Setup your Wallet

Research and choose your preferred wallet. You can install these on desktop or on mobile. Examples are MetaMask and Trustwallet.
Step 2

Send ETH to your Wallet

You will need to fund your wallet with ETH. You can acquire these from any popular Crypto Exchange, DEX or CEX
Step 3

Connect to your Wallet

Connect your wallet to the site using the CONNECT button. Your wallet provides the funding functional for NFT purchasing.
Step 4

MINT! or Trade

Choose between minting, auctions, fixed-price listings, and declining-price listings. You choose how you want to acquire or sell your Rever NFTs!