How to buy

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The RVR token is an ERC-20 protocol asset which is available on the Ethereum blockchain via DEXs Uniswap and Brewlabs. it is also available on Exchanges like Tokpie.

Step 1

Setup your Wallet

Research and choose your preferred wallet. You can install these on desktop or on mobile. Examples are MetaMask and Trustwallet.
Step 2

Send ETH to your Wallet

You will need to fund your wallet with ETH. You can acquire these from any popular Crypto Exchange, DEX or CEX
Step 3

Connect to your Wallet

Connect your wallet to the site using the CONNECT button. Your wallet provides the funding functional for NFT purchasing.
Step 4

MINT! or Trade

Choose between minting, auctions, fixed-price listings, and declining-price listings. You choose how you want to acquire or sell your Rever NFTs!

How it Works


Upgradeability allows greater adaptability under changing business and market conditions. Caps on fee metrics is protective. Anti-bot protections are present. An initiating Liquidity event protocol was designed into the token protocol to be fairer than traditional fair launches.

The Supply

The RVR Token has a total supply of 10 billion token.

Community Locker

Our community locker utility will be the mechanism to hold our reserve tokens, as these assets await deployment into the ecosystem.

NFT & DAO Integration

Our NFTs are functional instruments. They are integrated into the ecosystem and are used as key which holders use to participate in decision making processes via the Rever DAO.

Products Integration

The Rever ecosystem has a number of assets both produced or under development. The RVR token along with our NFT keys are deeply integrated into all utilities developed for the Rever environment.