The Rever Mythos


Understand the Mythos and you'll onderstand the journey -the GrEaT auTHOR

Healing can be fun! Through exploration of intricate labyrinths, experiential riddles, and visual sensory experiences designed to support wellness, mental health, developmental milestones and rehabilitation... lives will be changed for the better. The mythos of ANOON will serve as a medium through which you will be able to journey through the looking glass of self, Heal to Earn, and help to shape the future of this new area of Healotropic gaming. The journey begins here!

The community held and mythos-generated NFTs will be the keys that will open the doors to distributed power within ReVeR’s ecosystem. Walk through the looking glass. Join the #Hooded #ReVeR. We are a community of communities, composed of innovators and believers who embody the hope, values, and foresight that is needed to transform the world for the better.