Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at a curated list of common project questions.
ReverDefi Token

Where can I find the whitepaper and more information about ReverDefi?

You can read the Whitepaper and project overview in our docs via the link 👉 here.

Where can I see ReverDefi's smart contract?

The contracy address and etherscan link is: 0xb8b4b66852275355d591B90E5B75f84cAeffF392

What are ReverDefi's tokenomics?

You can find this information in the Token Design section of our Whitepaper 👉 here.

Why doesn't the ReverDefi logo show on Uniswap or in my wallet?

This is becoming rarer each day. There are rules around how big (holder amount:' number of transactions:' etc.) a token must get before their logo will start showing in Uniswap or wallets. The dev team is working to get approved as quickly as possible.

Who controls the tokens sent to the different project Wallets?

The ReverDefi DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) holds the funds and no one is able to pull them out. All changes or transactions within the DAO must be voted on by ReverDefi NFT instrument holders.

Where can I find the current market cap of ReverDefi?

Dextools is the easiest way to find an approximation of the current market cap. For an exact number you can do the math: (1 billion ? burn balance) * current price

Where can I find the holder count of ReverDefi?

The most accurate holder number is on Etherscan. You should see it next to "Holders"

How can I track the latest buys and sells of ReverDefi?

You can track the latest Uniswap transactions on DexTools Trade History or on the Dashboard page of this website 👉 here.
Buying & Selling ReverDefi

How can I buy the ReverDefi token $RVR?

You can use the hover link on the right of this to buy the ReverDefi token or use one of the DEX or CEX stated in this FAQ.

What is the link for ReverDefi on Uniswap?

You can trade ReverDefi on Uniswap 👉 here.

Is there a way to decrease gas fees?

There is no way to decrease gas fees as that is neither controlled by ReverDefi nor do the proceeds go to ReverDefi. Most people will advise trading at slower times (middle of the night or weekends). You can check current gas rates on Etherscan.

What exchanges is ReverDefi listed on?

ReverDefi is listed on several exchanges. As listed below;
  • 👉Tokpie
  • 👉BrewLabs

Uniswap isn't working for me. How can I fix it?

If you see 'Insufficient liquidity for this trade' give the site a moment to update and the trade should be allowed. If waiting does not solve the problem, change your trade values slightly and this should solve your problem.

On Uniswap, can I swap other tokens directly for ReverDefi, or do I have to use Ether?

You can swap any token on Uniswap with ReverDefi, including but not limited to Ether.

Is ReverDefi on the Binance Smart Chain?

ReverDefi is only on the Ethereum blockchain at current.
ReverDefi NFTs

What is a Non-Fiungible Token (NFT)?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other.

What is a collection?

A collection is a special selection of NFTs based on a creator, a category or an event. We regularly promote new collections on our platform.

How do I buy ReverDeFi NFT?

Accessing the page "3D NFT Mint" or "NFT Market", you will find all the NFTs currently available for MINT/Sale. Clicking on an NFT you will access its product details and, from there you can select the required quantities and click MINT/Buy.

How can I transfer my NFT?

The Spirtus NFT can be freely transferred as needed, you can transfer it any time you want via your preferred wallet. Some ReverDeFi NFTs like the "Minted Hooded" and the "DAO Voting" NFTs cannot be transferred. If you attempt to do so they will be lost.

How can I sell my NFT?

The Spirtus NFT can be freely sold as needed, you can sell it any time you want via your platform eg OpenSea. Some ReverDeFi NFTs like the "Minted Hooded" and the "DAO Voting" NFTs cannot be sold. If you attempt to do so they will be lost.
The Rever Quest

What is the Rever Quest?

Rever is working on a number of technologies and integrating them into our ecosystem. Similar to how some of the gates/locks to components of the ecosystem will be voted upon by the community, similarly the reveal and launch of these platforms and systems will be unlocked and released by the community via the Quest.

How do I participate in the Quest?

The Quest is a some what gamification of the launch and platform release process using a DAO. Communitiy members will use existing knowledge in the community, hunt and decipher clues distruibuted by the team in our different mediums, use information & NFT keys to unlock doors and portals in the ecosystem, and most importantly channel their efforts to seek and keep each other in a team to eventually get 11 participants (the Prime 11) to the final unlocking stage (which will reward the helping participants). The final 11, will be tasked to unlock the environment for the entire community.

When will the Quest end and Reveal occur?

The Quest will end when all doors and portals are unlock, including the big Reveal by the final 11.
Rever Arcs

What are the Rever Arcs?

  • 👉 ARCS: High End Stations that will serve as a gateway and instrument of power for the prime 11 questers, enterprise partners utilizing marketplace tools, bridge guardians validating network transmissions, and creatives building for the voidasphere (Rever’s Immersive VR).
  • 👉 MINI-ARCS: mid-level consumer desktops with cpu/gpu specifications designed to allow arc holders to create, immerse in VR, game, and interact with all REVER layers

What role do the Arcs play in the Rever Ecosystem?

We can provide a glimpse into what this will look like. Imaging an environment powered by specially built hardware that's acquired & distributed by our community members. These hardware act as platform validators and encrypted code/software hosts. This network of compute power is managed by and are represented by NFT keys. These keys and hardware power's the Rever Total Experience and allow its holder to become a hosting endpoint in the environment. The holder as a strategic node becomes an economic center in the network, which they can make available to ecosystem's user for use.

How can I use an Arc for business?

The economic use will take many forms; Rever Clinics, Creative/Influence Hubs, Digital Plots, Ecommerce sites, Gaming centers, Render Farms, AI Interaction, Validator/Delegators, and more.
ReverDefi DAO

What is a DAO and how does ReverDefi's DAO work?

A DAO is a Distributed Autonomous Organization. DAOs are the internet's version of a company or collective group working together towards a common vision. For specifics about the DAO governing ReverDefi, read ReverDefi DAO in our docs.

What is unique about ReverDefi?

Every DAO is unique based on its mission and structured rules. Rever's mission via ReverDefi DAO is to democratize power over massively disruptive or market challenging technologies to as many people as is willing and committed to the mission. To understand the rules guiding ReverDefi DAO read our whitepaper 👉 here.

What is ReverDefi actually named after?

REVER is the French word for Dream.

How can I help spread the word about ReverDefi?

Check out Spreading the Word for the details on this website, invite others to follow the project on twitter, and invite others to join our discord to speak to our moderators and community members.

When did ReverDefi launch?

ReverDefi was first deployed on April 22nd, 2022.

Where can I find a high-level description of ReverDefi?

You can read the Whitepaper overview in our docs via the link 👉 here.

Where can I find ReverDefi on the web and social media?

You can find all our social media links at the bottom/footer of the page or of the home page.

Who is on the team and where can I find more information on them?

The founder of the project is Warrior with handle @ProphetCryptos on Twitter. The company Rever is currently in stealth launch as we position our Tech and systems in the different industries and markets. A wider reveal of the company will occur at the end of the Quest.

Are any Influencers that have made content about ReverDefi part of the team or received payment to promote?

No. Any content or post you see online are made at the discretion of the creator: They most likely have a strong believe in our project and some own the ReverDefi token or NFTs themselves. We been interviewed by mutiple Social media and other content creators & bloggers, but we have no financial arrangements with them for their interest in the project. If we see a potential for a strategic alliance, we will add and announce them as a partner.

I've seen people on forums posting FUD or other negativity about the ReverDefi project, why is this?

As we know its quite tokens get caught up in FUD almost everyday it seams in Crypro. On our part the ReverDefi community takes the time to listen to different perspectives, and use our time to focus on hiw we can better understand and influence the future of the progect through; People participation via DAO voting, The technology and means we propose to significantly change the landscape in DeFi, Ecommerce & Healthcare, Learn more about the industries we intersect with, and the ethics that guides our project. We spend the time to spend on these things. This is the way FUD will get transformed in support.

Do you plan on collaborating with other project?

We are always open to working with other projects who share the same ethics and values as Rever; Lifting up DeFi, Eliminate greed and evil from the space, Put people over profit at all times, Do good and prevent harm.