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AV/VR Experiences will take us beyond simple ecommerce and metaverse mimics






FEBRUARY 03, 2023


The Rever Total Experience

Is the metaverse mostly hype? What do we really need for immersive Commerce & Experiences?

The simple answer is, Yes. The Metaverse is mostly hype. It is the next major frontier in computing, but as aptly put by Raja Koduri, a senior vice president and head of Intel’s Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group “our computing, storage and networking infrastructure today is simply not enough to enable this vision”. We are not close, Koduri states that a 1,000x increase in power is needed above our current collective computing capacity to create an actual metaverse which can actually house a fully immersive world. Rever is very careful to not perpetuate the incorrect claim around this topic in DeFi. We think we can achieve the aims of a metaverse via the marriage of some of our powerful assets with personalized designed experiences.


Rever is forging massive datasets to create the Total AR/VR Experience

Do we need a metaverse to be awesome?

We don't. Beyond the fact that there is actually no such thing at current as an actual Metaverse. The Rever Total Experience is one of the current true and best refection of the leading edge of immersive AR/VR technology. A technology build fit for purpose to make immersive available for businesses and individuals to interact in commerce, gaming and therapeutic experiences. To accomplish this Rever is breaking many barriers in available tech in both the hardware and data fronts. We are leveraging available software and are constantly customizing and expanding on their range by implementing proprietary know how into these engines at the code or configuration levels. The result is the production by Rever of a master level industry reference platform. Industry level reference systems, are those which major production companies rely on and use as their gold standard and foundation to build all the amazing standard and futuristic models which we have become to used to seeing and envisioning today.


Preparing tech to take flight

The Experience: Building of a grand vision

While Rever will be releasing insights into it's experience platform & experience in an incremental manner via the upcoming Rever Quest, which the community will use to unlock. We can provide a glimpse into what this will look like. Imaging an environment powered by specially built hardware that's acquired & distributed by our community members. These hardware nodes act as platform validators and encrypted code/software hosts. This network of compute power is managed by and are represented by NFT keys. These keys and the related hardware devices; powers the Rever Total Experience, and allow its holder to become a hosting endpoint in the environment. The holder as a strategic node becomes an economic center in the network, which they can make available to ecosystem's user for use.

The economic use will take many forms; Rever Clinics, Creative/Influence Hubs, Digital Plots, Ecommerce sites, Gaming centers, Render Farms, AI Interaction, Validator/Delegators, and more. The Rever assets will in turn live inside this ecosystem. Assets like Unirever and Heal to Earn will all be citizens of this new and exiting world. I hope this give's a good insight into what Rever is building and the exciting future we collectively as a community are look forward to being a part of.

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